About Robbie.

Chatham Islands Profile_edited.jpg

Robbie Lanauze was born in 1984 on

the island of Pitt which has a population of around 40 strong.

He was raised on both islands and attended high school on mainland New Zealand. 

Both his parents are from the islands and he has local bloodlines which includes French sailors,

Portuguese whalers and European settlers. His tribes are Ngati Mutunga, Ngai Tahu and Moriori.

Being a product of these islands his connection to the land and sea inspires him to

try and interpret his island home and culture. His passion is to tell the world

the story of the Chatham Islands and showcase his homeland. 

Being a local helps him to get up-close and personal with the island culture.

Due to the islands severe isolation and limited outside influence he took out his frustrations

by pushing buttons..which ultimately led him to stealing his Dad's cameras.

From this point on he continually tried to capture the raw and

hard beauty of life on the islands of Rekohu ( Chatham Islands ).

His upbringing and environmental surroundings have played an integral part

into how he has developed his artistic capacity and diversity.

He currently lives in Holland returning home annually for 3 months at a time

and has spent the last 20 years all over the globe.

     This worldly experience gives him an appreciative perspective of the Chathams culture

which he tries to portray in his work. 


He is currently working on a photographic coffee table book titled 'People of the Land & Sea'.